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Lighting the Way in Arizona Since 1945

Albert Wendt, the former President of Cannon & Wendt Electric Company, was once asked by a reporter about the secret of his success - “The people that work with me,” he replied of his premier electric service company. “I set out to make this a desirable place to work. And word of mouth gets around in a hurry. We’ve chosen good people, trained them well, and motivated them to do the best possible job.”

It’s this staff of highly skilled people - dedicated field supervisors, project managers, corporate officers, safety personnel and office staff - that enables Cannon & Wendt Electric Company to fulfill its commitment to providing the highest level of quality, cost-effectiveness and safety for our customers’ electrical contracting needs.

Our electrical construction expertise is unmatched. Cannon & Wendt Electric Company is not only the Valley’s leading provider of electrical and communications service, but also consistently listed in the top 100 electrical contractors in the U.S. Engineering News Record.

We are proud of the Cannon & Wendt Electric Company heritage as an Arizona electrical construction pioneer and hope to count yours among the hundreds of electrical contracting projects we’ve participated in since 1945, contributing to the quality of life that’s been attracting families and businesses to the Valley of the Sun for more than 65 years!

In order to perpetuate the long term viability of the company, effective August 1, 2006, Cannon & Wendt Electric Company, Inc. formed an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) has proved to be a great incentive and long term benefit for all qualifying employees. This concept supports and compliments our other Company Policies in that profit is a desirable and necessary component to be successful. Profit will pay off the debt, Company stock values will increase, and all participants/owners within the ESOP will prosper. Employee ownership will have a positive impact on Cannon & Wendt Electric Company’s competitiveness by increasing productivity through greater employee participation.

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