Dedicated to understanding and fulfilling our customers needs for electric service, Cannon & Wendt Electric Company provides the highest level of quality and safety in the electrical construction industry - a commitment that has not wavered throughout Cannon & Wendt Electric Company's long, proud history. Our affiliations with respected organizations in business, electrical contracting and related fields, further reinforces the trust we've been building with our electric service customers for more than 70 years. It's our goal to provide quality electrical construction that meets or exceeds the requirements of our customer's projects.

We accomplish this goal by employing highly skilled electrical engineers, while providing them with continuing education in electrical engineering through the Cannon & Wendt Electric Company Training Academy. Quality workmanship is the prime objective of everyone involved on any one of our electrical contracting projects - a level of quality that should meet or exceed the nature and utility of the design, the owner's expectations and the designer's interpretation.


  • Study the plans and specifications for all necessary testing, inspection and other requirements relative to construction quality
  • Provide adequate and timely notice, as required for inspections or observations by the architect, owners representatives and authorized inspectors
  • Review specifications carefully to identify potential conflicts between the prescriptive and performance requirements for the work
  • Provide clarification for the architect, electrical engineer and owner prior to commencing any work which would be affected by conflicts or ambiguities in the specifications
  • Inform all craftsmen, vendors and/or subcontractors of the construction quality expected of them
  • Provide continuous inspection of all craftsmen, vendors and/or subcontractors to ensure the strict performance of their work
  • Maintain a complete set of records, reports or other descriptive documents related to the electrical wiring work regarding inspections, testing or certification of the physical quality of materials, equipment and workmanship


  • Study the plans and specifications paying particular attention to sections that may provide descriptive information regarding visual quality of the electrical engineering work expected
  • Determine not only the level of visual quality expected from the electrical contracting project but also the inspection procedures to be employed to measure visual quality
  • Use physical mock-ups, samples or test areas to provide a project-specific measure against which the electrical construction work can be judged
  • Communicate to all craftsmen, vendors and/or subcontractors the visual quality expected of them
  • Establish procedures for the continuous visual inspection of all purchased materials and equipment, as well as finished work, so that maintenance of quality is done on a verifiable basis