Whether it's a facility in one location, a simultaneous launching of multiple projects in locations around the world or somewhere in between, the Federated Electrical Contractors (FEC) network and its successful 30-year track record, allows members to put together an experienced team immediately.

With more than $3.327 billion in annual revenue and over 34 member firms with offices in over 60 cities in the United States and abroad, the FEC network provides all the coverage owners need, enabling them to work with respected leading professionals in local markets.


Cannon & Wendt’s Technologies Division is a long-standing partner within the Federated Electrical Contractor’s “Advanced Technologies Group”. This provides us with unmatched capabilities in the areas of nationwide technology roll-outs and service to clients with multi-state operations.

For more information about the FEC-ATG, visit www.fec-atg.org or call 602.279.1681 and ask for the Technologies Operations Manager. In addition to the Federated Electrical Contractors (FEC), Cannon & Wendt Electric Company is a proud member of: