We owe our success to being an employee-oriented electric service firm with a customer-oriented philosophy. Simply put, Cannon & Wendt Electric Company believes the customer is always right - a philosophy that has served us well throughout Cannon & Wendt Electric Company's seven-decade history. It takes the right people to keep this customer-oriented philosophy alive. So Cannon & Wendt Electric Company has consistently recruited talented people for every position in every department of the company, offering continuing education through the Cannon & Wendt Electric Company Training Academy. We're proud of our low turnover rate, and the high caliber of our people!

Cannon & Wendt Electric Company was an Equal Opportunity Employer long before it became a law, simply because we are keenly aware that the only solid, lasting basis for continued growth is the strength and talent of our employees. We also began drug testing several years ago, not as a "police" function, but from an awareness that customer satisfaction rests solely on the performance of a team that can be no stronger than its weakest player. This awareness has long been the cornerstone of Cannon & Wendt Electric Company's progress.


When Albert Wendt first took a leading role in this electrical contracting company, he made it very clear to every department head and every employee that there is no single star at Cannon & Wendt Electric Company, including himself. Each division is but one spoke of the large wheel on which the firm rides. Every spoke of that wheel must be strong for Cannon & Wendt Electric Company to prosper. If one spoke weakens, the whole wheel collapses.

This customer-oriented "wheel philosophy" continues today, ensuring that each of our electrical contracting divisions operates at full strength, including:

  • Top Management
  • Field Supervision and Labor Force
  • Estimating and Project Management
  • Warehousing and Equipment
  • Accounting, Cost and General
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Training and Safety

From this philosophy, a strong electric service company has evolved into the Cannon & Wendt Electric Company that exists today. A company that is 1) financially sound, 2) fiscally responsible and 3) capable of bonding even the largest projects.

Management TEAM

For more information about the people of Cannon & Wendt Electric Company, we'd like to introduce you to our talented management team:


David E. Fagan, President

David is the fourth generation of the Fagan family to be involved in the electrical contracting industry. He has hands-on experience to complement his business degree from the University of Arkansas and an MBA from the University of Missouri. His experience in conceptual budgeting, design-assist, design-build and fast track projects is a major asset when working with customers. David has served as Cannon & Wendt's NECA rep and is currently the company's rep for the Federated Electrical Contractors (FEC).

Shane Snyder, Executive Vice President

Shane completed his Electrical Apprenticeship and earned an Associate’s Degree in Science from Utah. He attended the University of Utah, where he studied economics and was a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Since joining the Cannon & Wendt Electric Company team, Shane has been involved in various National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) committees.

Sterling Woods, Vice President of Field Operations

Having been with the company for more than 32 years Sterling is the most tenured employee at Cannon & Wendt. Sterling was initially hired as an apprentice and has worked in all aspects of the electrical construction industry. In his current position as VP of Field Operations, he understands the value of safety, responsiveness, competency, and cost effective solutions for our clients.

David Goris, Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

Dave graduated from Northern Illinois University with an BS in Business and holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He has managed the accounting and financial aspect of the construction industry for the past 25 years with both general and specialty contractors.