Today's rapidly changing marketplace and technological advances make it difficult for employees to keep pace with the latest techniques and skills that affect their job performance.

Dedicated to meeting the training, development and performance support needs of our employees - and to best serve our customers - Cannon & Wendt Electric Company offers on-site electrical construction training and instruction at our Training Academy (a minimum of two hours/month, twenty-four hours/year), including:

  • Construction safety and awareness classes
  • Vendor workshops and demonstrations
  • Electrical project supervision classes
  • Seminars specific to realized needs
  • Ongoing educational opportunities for field supervisors

These electrical construction training opportunities enhance our employees' job performance, leading to a more safety-conscious, productive workforce ready to advance our competitive edge. Through the development of these activities, the Training Academy is committed to demonstrating our core company values:

  • Learning
  • Customer Focus
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Safety
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism


The Training Academy recognizes that our success increasingly depends on the knowledge, skills, creativity and motivation of our employees. In developing each, the Academy understands that every employee is unique and therefore has unique training requirements. The Academy's greatest strength lies in its ability to provide opportunities that meet those needs.