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Ours is one of the largest skilled teams of expert electricians in the state. In fact, the Cannon & Wendt Electric Company workforce represents one of the largest in Arizona for any industry, with as many as 350 workers. Dedicated to locating, interviewing, hiring, training and correctly placing all new employees, Cannon & Wendt Electric Company is able to build the majority of our electrical construction crews from our existing, proven team.

And with the only evaluation and merit pay system for union workers in the country, our labor force is the most stable and efficient of all electrical contractors in the area. As a result, historical research shows that our labor force is at least 30% more productive than that of our competition!


With expertise that stems from more than 70 years in the electric service industry, Cannon & Wendt Electric Company is well-equipped to:

  • Help speed the plan-check and permitting process thanks to the strength of our relationships with local regulatory agencies
  • Expedite the submittal review process by meeting with the project team
  • Identify and propose substitutes for long-lead items that could adversely affect a schedule, while capitalizing on our long term relationships with manufacturers to allow our orders an advantage in the queue
  • Select the most reliable shipping lines
  • Determine the most efficient shipping sequences to expedite all installations

The earlier we are on board with your electrical construction project, the more electric service assistance we can deliver in the areas of Construction Services, TEGG, Technologies and Service.

Construction Services

In the late 1980's, Cannon & Wendt Electric Company made a strategic decision to concentrate on design-build and design-assist.


Since its inception in 1945, Cannon & Wendt Electric Company has been a customer-oriented electric company. That's why we have only the.


As technologies continuously evolve, modern electrical contractors must follow these evolutions if they want to provide for the growing.


Cannon and Wendt Electric Company offers a unique product called TEGG Service. Its core business is for the purpose of protecting.


Cannon & Wendt is highly invested in the utilization of technology and planning to aid in the speed and accuracy of installation. Planning.