Current & Completed Projects


Today's cost-driven economy requires more advanced engineering, detailed planning, stronger coordinating and sharper pencils than ever before. It's a challenging task, but one that is standard operating procedure at Cannon & Wendt Electric Company.

Industries cannot afford to install sub-standard equipment in any application, not with technology continuing to advance so rapidly. Ignoring the needs of the future and installing sub-standard equipment anyway, will only result in costly upgrades that could have been avoided with the help of an expert electrical contractor that has the foresight to plan for tomorrow, today.

To meet the needs of tomorrow as cost-effectively as possible, it only makes sense to install larger systems and more powerful equipment now, exceeding the needs to meet current requirements. Our resume in this area is vast and impressive! In 70 years of industrial electrical contracting specialization, Cannon & Wendt Electric Company has helped numerous industries successfully plan for future demands on their electric service.

On occasion, Cannon & Wendt assumes the additional responsibility of coordinating it's electrical contracting efforts with governmental agencies, sub-contractors and manufacturers' representatives. This dual role is one we fill at the special request of customers, or when deemed necessary by our electrical engineers. Just one more way we go above and beyond what is normally expected of an electrical service company!