Current & Completed Projects


High-tech companies dwelling in Arizona's "Silicon Desert" demand a level of electrical expertise that few firms can deliver. Cannon & Wendt prides itself on being one of the few that can.

Over the past seventy years, we have worked diligently to become one of the nation's acknowledged leaders in the field of high tech construction. As a result, we have the people, the equipment and the expertise necessary to complete even the most complex tasks. We thoroughly understand the special needs of projects such as data processing centers and sub-micron clean rooms. And we have the bonding strengths, the budgeting capability and the protocol-certified personnel necessary to deliver the precision these projects demand.

We invite you to judge us by the company we keep. We're proud to count some of the nation's top high-tech companies among our clients and we take great pride in the fact that they continue to choose Cannon & Wendt for their electrical needs.