Arizona's Premier Integrated Project Delivery Team

IPD is a team approach that needs complete buy-in from all members of the team to be effective. By bringing the major players together from the beginning of the design process, the team gains not only the experience of all members of the team, but also numerous different perspectives. This environment allows for constant collaboration between the entire team, owner, architect, engineers, general contractor, and major trade subcontractors. We feel that within this project delivery method, there are no “stripes” and everyone has a voice. It is because of this that many new innovative ways of doing things can be brought forward.

Cost Management

Cannon & Wendt helps to establish a target value, then works with the team to design toward this target value. As a partner, it is our job to help steer the design to stay within the parameters of the target value. From the initial target value budget, we create a trend log that we track changes to the budget with. This log is utilized to track, in real time, budget revisions that are being considered during each interval of the design. By using this method, all of the items discussed during the design cycle will be documented with cost impacts noted. This tool is then be used by the team to make informed decisions, as to the direction of the design from a budget perspective.

Behaviors & Attitudes

No “Stripes” (Everyone is Equal)
Open Communication

Advantages & Benefits

Coordinated Construction Drawings
Innovative Ideas
Design to Prefabricate
Reduced RFI's
Cost Control
Reduced Construction Schedule