Since its inception in 1945, Cannon & Wendt Electric Company has been a customer-oriented electric company. That’s why we have only the highest skilled electricians and a multi-million dollar inventory of tools and equipment to handle even your most challenging electrical service projects. With 24-hour Valley-wide emergency service, our electrical engineers are able to respond to any electrical engineering situation with unmatched response time.

From preventative maintenance of electrical wiring, to troubleshooting during electrical wiring emergencies, our Project Managers will help you develop the most effective and economical solutions to your electrical contracting needs.

Our Commitment to Value

To offer our professional evaluation of electrical contracting projects, with respect to application and associated costs, we provide our customers with:

  • Contractors ready to listen and respond to your needs
  • Flexibility required for your modern construction project
  • Technical and “common sense” development
  • “Menu” approach to options
  • Opportunity to review improved applications via potential value engineering alternatives, initiated by Cannon & Wendt, based on our acquired experience
  • Cost containment

Our Commitment to Conflict Resolution

Whether it’s a personnel, scheduling, equipment, or delivery issue, any conflict on an electrical contracting job site must be identified and handled quickly and appropriately. Our Project Managers and Field Supervisors are trained to do just that, resolving issues fairly and expeditiously by:

  • Identifying the conflict
  • Bringing the issue to the attention of the construction management team
  • Discussing and choosing solutions with all involved
  • Passing pertinent information back to field personnel

Our Commitment to Meeting Deadlines

When you come to us with an electrical contracting project, the construction completion date we promise you is the deadline we’re committed to meeting. Though some circumstances may be beyond our control, Cannon & Wendt will do everything within our power to stay on schedule, including:

  • Choosing a construction team and bringing them into the design-assist phase as soon and as practically as possible
  • Expediting approval of all submittals to eliminate long lead items
  • Soliciting immediate feedback from the architect and engineer if issues arise
  • Communicating to the owner or customer the consequences of change orders to the schedule and to the cost
  • Holding weekly coordination meetings with all sub-contractors
  • Tracking and reviewing RFI’s
  • Keeping an “issue” log and addressing these issues
  • Assigning responsibility
  • Encouraging meeting leaders to “drive out” potential problems
  • Immediately communicating to the construction management team all information that could affect the work of another trade
  • Assembling all parties right away when issues arise, discussing solutions and impacts
  • Communicating realistic expectations for the implementation of identified solutions and the consequential costs involved
  • Mandating that one electrical and one mechanical engineer be present at weekly meetings with answers that can help resolve issues
  • Providing written follow-up to all trades about the resolution of issues and any impact to the schedule