Cannon & Wendt offers a unique product called TEGG Service. It’s core business is for the purpose of protecting commercial and industrial facilities from electrical system failures, electrical fires and resultant business interruptions and property damage, through the implementation of unique and comprehensive electrical preventive and predictive maintenance functions. The best part is, we guarantee the results! If we certify that an electrical component is in proper working order and it fails, then we will replace it for free!

TEGG Service allows Cannon and Wendt to offer the following:

  • Testing associated with electrical preventive and predictive maintenance programs
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Voltage and Ampere Diagnostics
  • Power Factor Testing
  • Proper Torquing
  • ARC Flash Hazard Analysis
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Surge Protection Analysis
  • Repairs and upgrades of electrical distribution systems
  • Custom design and affordable pricing of electrical preventive maintenance programs
  • Electronic Documentation of facilities General Inventory of Electrical Distribution system which includes: Nameplate information, identification, Wire size, Wire type, Breaker information, Equipment Voltage and Amperage Ratings, Available Spacing, and all other electrical specifications available to technicians.

Independent building owner and manager studies have found that an adequately planned and executed preventive and predictive maintenance program can pay for itself and prevent unplanned power outages and electrical fires. Cannon & Wendt would be pleased to meet with you, assess your needs, and if you wish, design a custom program for you without obligation!

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